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1. Population
2. Vital Statistics
3. Health and Nutrition
4. Education
5. Law Enforcement, Courts
and Prisons
6. Geography and Environment
7. Parks, Recreation, Travel
8. Elections
9. State and Local Government
Finances and Employment
10. Federal Government
Finances and Employment
11. National Defense and
Veterans Affairs
12. Social Insurance and Human
13. Labor Force, Employment,
and Earnings
14. Income, Expenditures, and
15. Prices
16. Banking, Finance, and
17. Business Enterprise
18. Communications and
Information Technology
19. Energy
20. Science and Technology
21. Transportation - Land
22. Transportation - Air
and Water
23. Agriculture
24. Natural Resources
25. Construction and Housing
26. Manufactures
27. Domestic Trade and
28. Foreign Commerce and Aid
29. Outlying Areas
30. Comparative International
31. Industrial Outlook
32. 1997 Economic Census


854. Number of Returns and Business Receipts, by Type of Business and Size of Receipts
855. Number of Tax Returns, Receipts, and Net Income, by Type of Business and by Industry
856. Number of Returns and Business Receipts, by Industry, Type of Business, and Size of Business Receipts
857. Nonfarm Sole Proprietorships--Selected Income and Deduction Items
858. Partnerships--Selected Items, by Industry
859. Partnerships--Selected Income Statement and Balance Sheet Items
860. Corporate Funds -- Sources and Uses
861. Nonfinancial Corporate Business-Sector Balance Sheet
862. Corporations--Selected Income Statement and Balance Sheet Items
863. Corporations -- Selected Financial Items, by Industry
864. Corporations, by Asset Size-Class and Industry
865. Advance Comparative Statistics for the United States (1987 Basis): 1997
866. Employees and Payroll, by Employment-Size Class
867. Establishments, Employees, and Payroll, by Industry
868. Establishments, Employees, and Payroll, by Employment-Size Class and Industry
869. Major Industries: Private Firms, Establishments, Annual Payroll, and Estimated Receipts by Firm Size
870. Private Employer Firms, Establishments, Employment, Annual Payroll and Estimated Receipts by Firm Size
871. New Firms, Births and Deaths, and Employment Changes by Employment Size of Firms: 1989-96
872. Small Establishments, Employees, and Payroll, by Employment-Size Class and Industry
873. Women-Owned Firms by Major Industry Group: 1992
874. Minority-Owned Firms--Comparison of Business Ownership by Minority Group and Gender: 1987 and 1992
875. Business Starts and Employment
876. Business Starts and Business Failures, by State
877. Business Failures, by Industry
878. Bankruptcy Cases Filed, by State
879. Bankruptcy Petitions Filed and Pending, by Type and Chapter
880. Small Business Administration Loans to Small Businesses
881. Venture Capital Commitments, by Source
882. Mergers and Acquisitions--Summary
883. Mergers and Acquisitions, by Industry
884. Patents and Trademarks
885. Patents, by State
886. Patents, by Industry
887. Academic Patenting: Number of U.S. Universities and Colleges with Patent Awards, and Number of Academic Patent Awards
888. Net Stock of Fixed Private Capital, by Industry
889. New Product Introductions of Consumer Packaged Goods
890. Gross Private Domestic Investment in Current and Real (1996) Dollars
891. Capital Expenditures
892. Composite Indexes of Economic Cyclical Indicators
893. Business Cycle Expansions and Contractions--Months of Duration
894. Manufacturing and Trade--Sales and Inventories
895. Manufacturing Corporations--Number, Assets, and Profits, by Asset-Size
896. 1,000 Largest Industrial Corporations--Selected Financial Items, by Industry: 1997
897. Corporate Profits, Taxes, and Dividends
898. Corporate Profits Before Taxes by Industry
899. Corporate Profits With Inventory Valuation and Capital Consumption Adjustments -- Financial and Nonfinancial Industries
900. Manufacturing, Mining, and Trade Corporations--Profits and Stockholders' Equity, by Industry
901. Manufacturing Corporations--Selected Finances
902. U.S. Multinational Companies--Gross Product
903. U.S. Multinational Companies--Selected Characteristics
904. Gross Product, Employment, and Capital Expenditures of Nonbank U.S. MNC,s, U.S. Parents, and Foreign Affiliates
905. Nonbank U.S. MNC's, U.S. Parents, and MOFA's by Industry of U.S. Parent

These tables are based on figures supplied by the United States Census Bureau, U.S. Department of Commerce and are subject to revision by the Census Bureau.

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