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1. Population
2. Vital Statistics
3. Health and Nutrition
4. Education
5. Law Enforcement, Courts
and Prisons
6. Geography and Environment
7. Parks, Recreation, Travel
8. Elections
9. State and Local Government
Finances and Employment
10. Federal Government
Finances and Employment
11. National Defense and
Veterans Affairs
12. Social Insurance and Human
13. Labor Force, Employment,
and Earnings
14. Income, Expenditures, and
15. Prices
16. Banking, Finance, and
17. Business Enterprise
18. Communications and
Information Technology
19. Energy
20. Science and Technology
21. Transportation - Land
22. Transportation - Air
and Water
23. Agriculture
24. Natural Resources
25. Construction and Housing
26. Manufactures
27. Domestic Trade and
28. Foreign Commerce and Aid
29. Outlying Areas
30. Comparative International
31. Industrial Outlook
32. 1997 Economic Census


239. School Enrollment, With Projections
240. School Expenditures, by Type of Control and Level of Instruction in Constant (1998-99) Dollars
241. School Enrollment, Faculty, Graduates, and Finances, With Projections
242. Federal Funds for Education and Related Programs
243. School Expenditures, by Source of Funds in Constant (1997-98) Dollars
244. School Enrollment,by Control and Level, With Projections
245. School Enrollment, by Age
246. School Enrollment, by Race, Hispanic Origin, and Age
247. Enrollment in Public and Private Schools
248. School Enrollment, by Sex and Level
249. Educational Attainment, by Race, and Hispanic Origin
250. Educational Attainment, by Race, Hispanic Origin, and Sex
251. Educational Attainment, by Selected Characteristic
252. Earnings, by Highest Degree Earned
253. Educational Attainment, by State
254. Nonfatal Crimes Against Students
255. Public Schools Reporting Criminal Incidents to the Police: 1996-97
256. Children Whose Parents are Involved in School Activities
257. Public Elementary Schools Holding Activities and Parental Attendance: 1996
258. Children With Difficulty Speaking English
259. Preprimary School Enrollment--Summary
260. Children's School Readiness Skills: 1993 and 1999
261. Charter Schools, Creation Status by Year of Opening: 1999
262. Public Elementary and Secondary Schools--Summary
263. Public Elementary and Secondary Schools--Conditions andPlans for Repairs: 1999
264. Public Elementary and Secondary Schools, by Type and Size of School
265. Elementary and Secondary Schools--Teachers and Pupil-Teacher Ratios With Projections
266. Public Elementary and Secondary School Enrollment, by State
267. Public Elementary and Secondary School Enrollment, by Grade
268. Public Elementary and Secondary School Teachers--Selected Characteristics
269. Newly Hired Teachers, by Selected Characteristics
270. Public Elementary and Secondary Schools--Number and Average Salary of Classroom Teachers and by State
271. Average Salary and Wages Paid in Public School Systems
272. Public School Employment
273. Public Elementary and Secondary School Price Indexes
274. Finances of Public Elementary and Secondary School Systems, by Enrollment-Size Group
275. Public Elementary and Secondary Estimated Finances, and by State
276. Computers for Student Instruction in Elementary and Secondary Schools
277. Public Schools with Internet Access
278. Student Use of Computers
279. Public School Teachers Using Computers or the InternetFor Classroom Instruction During Class Time: 1999
280. Technology in Public Schools
281. Children and Youth With Disabilities Served by Selected Programs
282. Private Schools: 1997-98
283. Private Elementary and Secondary School Teachers--Selected Characteristics
284. Scholastic Assessment Test (SAT) and Reasoning Test (SAT I) Scores and Characteristics of College-Bound Seniors
285. ACT Program Scores and Characteristics of College-Bound Students
286. Proficiency Test Scores for Selected Subjects, by Characteristic
287. Advanced Placement Program--Summary
288. Foreign Language Enrollments in Public High Schools
289. Public High School Graduates, by State
290. High School Dropouts, by Race and Hispanic Origin
291. High School Dropouts, by Age, Race, and Hispanic Origin
292. Enrollment Status, by Race, Hispanic Origin, and Sex
293. Employment Status of High School Graduates School Dropouts
294. General Educational Development (GED) Credentials Issued
295. College Enrollment of High School Graduates
296. College Enrollment by Sex and Attendance Status
297. Higher Education--Summary
298. College Enrollment, by Selected Characteristics
299. Colleges, Number and Enrollment by State
300. Foreign (Nonimmigrant) Student Enrollment in College
301. College Enrollment, by Sex, Age, Race, and Hispanic Origin
302. College Freshmen--Summary Characteristics: 1970 to 1998
303. Higher Education Registrations in Foreign Languages
304. College Population, by Selected Characteristics
305. Enrollment of Students with Disabilities in Postsecondary Institutions 1996-97 or 1997-98
306. Postsecondary Institutions Offering Distance Education: 1997-98
307. Higher Education Price Indexes
308. Institutions of Higher Education--Finances
309. Federal Student Financial Assistance
310. Finances of Public Colleges, and by State
311. Institutions of Higher Education--Charges
312. Voluntary Financial Support of Higher Education
313. Average Salaries for College Faculty Members
314. Employees in Higher Education Institutions, by Sex and Occupation
315. Faculty in Institutions of Higher Education
317. Earned Degrees Conferred, by Level and Sex,
318. Degrees Earned, by Level and Race/Ethnicity
319. Degrees and Awards Earned Below Bachelor's, by Field
320. Bachelor's Degrees Earned, by Field
321. Master's and Doctorate's Degrees Earned, by Field
322. First Professional Degrees Earned in Selected Professions
323. College and University Libraries--Summary
324. Libraries--Number, by Type
325. Public Libraries, Selected Characteristics
326. Children's Involvement in Home Literacy Activities
327. Public Library Use of the Internet: 1998
328. Participation in Adult Education

These tables are based on figures supplied by the United States Census Bureau, U.S. Department of Commerce and are subject to revision by the Census Bureau.

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