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1. Population
2. Vital Statistics
3. Health and Nutrition
4. Education
5. Law Enforcement, Courts
and Prisons
6. Geography and Environment
7. Parks, Recreation, Travel
8. Elections
9. State and Local Government
Finances and Employment
10. Federal Government
Finances and Employment
11. National Defense and
Veterans Affairs
12. Social Insurance and Human
13. Labor Force, Employment,
and Earnings
14. Income, Expenditures, and
15. Prices
16. Banking, Finance, and
17. Business Enterprise
18. Communications and
Information Technology
19. Energy
20. Science and Technology
21. Transportation - Land
22. Transportation - Air
and Water
23. Agriculture
24. Natural Resources
25. Construction and Housing
26. Manufactures
27. Domestic Trade and
28. Foreign Commerce and Aid
29. Outlying Areas
30. Comparative International
31. Industrial Outlook
32. 1997 Economic Census


1007. Passenger and Freight Transportation Outlays, by Type of Transport
1008. Volume of Domestic Intercity Freight and Passenger Traffic, by Type of Transport
1009. Transportation Industry Summary: 1997
1010. Employment and Earnings in Transportation, by Industry
1011. Transportation Accidents, Deaths, and Injuries, by Mode of Transportation
1012. Commodity Shipments -- Value, Tons and Ton-Miles
1013. Hazardous Material Shipment Characteristics, by Mode of Transportation
1014. Highway Mileage--Urban, Rural, and Functional Systems
1015. Highway Mileage--Urban and Rural, by Type and Control
1016. Bridge Inventory--Non-Deficient and Deficient
1017. Highway Pavement Condition, by Type of Road System
1018. Funding for Highways, by Level of Government
1019. Public Highway Debt--State and Local Governments
1020. Disbursement of State Highway Funds, by State:
1021. Federal Grants to State and Local Governments for Highway Trust Fund and Federal Transit Administration (FTA), by State
1022. State Gasoline Tax Rates, and Motor Fuel Tax Receipts
1023. Selected Motor Vehicle Indicators by Model Year.
1024. New and Used Car Sales and Leases
1025. Number of Households Leasing Vehicles, and Number of Vehicles Leased per Household
1026. Motor Vehicle Registrations, Vehicle Miles of Travel, and Drivers Licenses, by State
1027. Motor Vehicle Registrations
1028. Alternative Fueled Vehicles in Use, by Fuel Type
1029. Recreational Vehicles--Number and Retail Value of Shipments
1030. Motor Vehicle Production and Trade
1031. Motor Vehicles in Use, by Age of Vehicle
1032. Travel in the United States by Selected Trip Characteristics: 1995
1033. National Personal Transportation Survey (NPTS)-- Summary of Travel Trends
1034. Roadway Congestion, by Urbanized Area
1035. Motor Vehicle Accidents--Number and Deaths
1036. Motor Vehicle Deaths, by State
1037. Fatal Motor Vehicle Accidents--National Summary
1038. Motor Vehicle Occupants and Non-Occupants Killed and Injured
1039. Large Truck Involvement in Fatal Crashes, by State: 1998
1040. Speeding-Related Traffic Fatalities and Costs by Road Type and Speed Limit
1041. Traffic Fatalities by State and Highest Blood Alcohol Concentration in the Crash: 1998
1042. Fatalities by Highest Blood Alcohol Concentration (BAC) in Highway Crashes
1043. Highway Travel--Mileage and Accident Summary
1044. Alcohol Involvement for Drivers in Fatal Crashes:
1045. Age of Driver and Number in Accidents
1046. State Legislation--Alcohol and Road Safety Laws: Various Years-
1047. Motor Vehicle Recalls, by Domestic and Foreign Manufacturers
1048. Cost of Owning and Operating an Automobile
1049. Domestic Motor Fuel Consumption, by Type of Vehicle
1050. Motor Vehicle Travel, by Type of Vehicle, and by Speed
1051. Passenger Transit Industry--Summary
1052. Class I Intercity Motor Carriers of Passengers
1053. Passenger Transportation Arrangement
1054. Motor Freight Transportation and Warehousing Services -- Revenues, Expenses, and Payroll
1055. Bus Profile
1056. Truck Profile
1057. Trucks, Truck Miles, and average Annual Miles for All Trucks
1058. Trucking and Courier Services--Summary
1059. Class I Intercity Motor Carriers of Property, by Carrier
1060. Railroads, Class I--Summary
1061. Railroads, Class I-Cars--Carloads by Commodity Group
1062. Railroads, Class I Line-Haul-Revenue Freight Originated, by Commodity Group
1063. Railroad Freight--Producer Price Indexes
1064. Petroleum Pipeline Companies--Characteristics
1065. Major Interstate Natural Gas Pipeline Companies--Summary

These tables are based on figures supplied by the United States Census Bureau, U.S. Department of Commerce and are subject to revision by the Census Bureau.

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