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1. Population
2. Vital Statistics
3. Health and Nutrition
4. Education
5. Law Enforcement, Courts
and Prisons
6. Geography and Environment
7. Parks, Recreation, Travel
8. Elections
9. State and Local Government
Finances and Employment
10. Federal Government
Finances and Employment
11. National Defense and
Veterans Affairs
12. Social Insurance and Human
13. Labor Force, Employment,
and Earnings
14. Income, Expenditures, and
15. Prices
16. Banking, Finance, and
17. Business Enterprise
18. Communications and
Information Technology
19. Energy
20. Science and Technology
21. Transportation - Land
22. Transportation - Air
and Water
23. Agriculture
24. Natural Resources
25. Construction and Housing
26. Manufactures
27. Domestic Trade and
28. Foreign Commerce and Aid
29. Outlying Areas
30. Comparative International
31. Industrial Outlook
32. 1997 Economic Census


1350. Total World Population: 1950 to 2050
1351. World Summary-Textile Fiber Production
1352. Population, by Country
1353. Age Distribution, by Country
1354. Foreign or Foreign-Born Population and Labor Force in Selected OECD Countries
1355. Vital Statistics, by Country
1356. Death Rates from Injuries, by Mechanism and Country
1357. Medical Doctors and Inpatient Care--Selected Countries
1358. Health Expenditures by Country
1359. Average Temperatures and Precipitation--Selected International Cities
1360. Selected Environmental Data--OECD Countries
1361. Carbon Dioxide Emissions from Consumption of Fossil Fuels, by Country, and Projections
1362. Educational Attainment by Country: 1998
1363. Number of Foreign Students as Percent of Total University Enrollment in Selected OECD Countries: 1998
1364. Gross National Product, by Country: 1998
1365. Gross Domestic Product, by Country
1366. International Economic Composite Indexes, by Country
1367. Selected International Economic Indicators, by Country
1368. Annual Percent Changes in Consumer Prices, by Country
1369. Comparative Price Levels--Selected OECD Countries: 2000
1370. Per Capita Consumption of Meat and Poultry, by Country
1371. Motor Vehicle Transportation Indicators for Selected Countries
1372. Transportation Infrastructure and Domestic Freight Activity-Selected Countries: 1996
1373. Newspapers, Radio, Television, Telephones, and Computers, by Country
1374. Gross Public Debt, Expenditures, and Receipts, by Country
1375. Percent Distribution of Tax Receipts, by Country: 1980 to 1996
1376. Civilian Labor Force, Employment, and Unemployment, by Country
1377. Unemployment Rates, by Country
1378. Civilian Employment-Population Ratio by Sex and Country
1379. Female Labor Force Participation Rates, by Country
1380. Civilian Employment, by Industry and Country
1381. Index of Industrial Production, by Country
1382. Patents, by Country
1383. Relative Labor Productivity Levels in Manufacturing in Selected OECD Countries
1384. Selected Indexes of Manufacturing Activity, by Country
1385. Indexes of Hourly Compensation Costs for Production Workers in Manufacturing, by Country
1386. Income Tax and Social Security Contributions as Percent of Labor Costs: 1998
1387. World Primary Energy Production, by Region and Type
1388. World Primary Energy Consumption, by Region and Type
1389. World Energy Consumption, by Region and Energy Source, and Projections, 2005 to 2020
1390. Energy Consumption and Production, by Country
1391. Net Electricity Generation by Type and Country: 1998
1393. World Production of Major Mineral Commodities
1394. Wood Products--Production, Exports, and Consumption for Selected Countries
1395. Unmanufactured Tobacco and Cigarettes--Selected Countries
1396. World Food Production, by Commodity
1397. Fisheries--Commercial Catch, by Country
1398. Meat Production by Type and Country
1399. Wheat, Rice, and Corn Production, by Country
1400. Wheat, Rice, and Corn--Exports and Imports of 10 Leading Countries
1401. United States and Foreign Stock Markets--Market Capitalization and Value of Shares Traded
1402. Dow-Jones World Stock Index, by Country and Industry
1403. Foreign Stock Market Activity--Morgan Stanley Capital International Indexes
1404. Foreign Stock Market Indices
1405. Foreign Exchange Rates
1406. Reserve Assets and International Transaction Balances by Country
1407. Foreign Trade--Destination of Exports and Source of Imports for Selected Countries
1408. International Tourism Receipts--Leading Countries
1409. Net Flow of Financial Resources to Developing Countries
1410. External Debt by Country
1411. Foreign Direct Investment Flows in OECD Countries
1412. Military Expenditures and Armed Forces Personnel, by Country

These tables are based on figures supplied by the United States Census Bureau, U.S. Department of Commerce and are subject to revision by the Census Bureau.

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