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1458. Other Services (Tax-exempt)--Establishments, Revenue, Expenses, Payroll, and Employees, by Kind of Business (NAICS Basis): 1997

Revenue Annual payroll Paid
for pay
Kind of business Estab- Per Per period
NAICS lish- paid paid First-quarter including
code 1 ments Total employee Total employee payroll March 12
(number) ($1,000) (dol.) ($1,000) (dol.) ($1,000) (number)
    Other services (except public administration), total 81 98,765 102,864,355 134,886 17,067,506 22,381 4,047,645 762,604
Religious/grantmaking/civic/professional & similar org 813 98,765 102,864,355 134,886 17,067,506 22,381 4,047,645 762,604
  Grantmaking & giving services 8132 11,906 48,956,675 467,113 3,080,424 29,391 735,005 104,807
    Grantmaking & giving services 81321 11,906 48,956,675 467,113 3,080,424 29,391 735,005 104,807
      Grantmaking foundations 813211 5,656 32,237,885 961,894 1,091,724 32,574 258,779 33,515
      Voluntary health organizations 813212 3,351 6,080,023 145,021 1,153,530 27,514 273,869 41,925
      Other grantmaking & giving services 813219 2,899 10,638,767 362,269 835,170 28,439 202,357 29,367
  Social advocacy organizations 8133 10,120 7,524,552 88,481 2,003,063 23,554 465,839 85,041
    Social advocacy organizations 81331 10,120 7,524,552 88,481 2,003,063 23,554 465,839 85,041
      Human rights organizations 813311 1,806 2,094,167 115,642 475,106 26,236 114,738 18,109
      Environment, conservation, & wildlife organizations . 813312 3,569 2,322,700 83,254 578,370 20,731 137,665 27,899
      Other social advocacy organizations 813319 4,745 3,107,685 79,617 949,587 24,328 213,436 39,033
  Civic & social organizations 8134 28,364 9,916,495 37,956 2,682,819 10,269 626,116 261,265
    Civic & social organizations 81341 28,364 9,916,495 37,956 2,682,819 10,269 626,116 261,265
      Civic & social organizations 813410 28,364 9,916,495 37,956 2,682,819 10,269 626,116 261,265
        Civic & social organizations, with restaurants
         & bars 8134101 15,876 4,891,726 39,314 1,206,886 9,699 285,135 124,428
        Civic & social organizations, without restaurants 8134102
         & bars 12,488 5,024,769 36,721 1,475,933 10,786 340,981 136,837
  Business/professional/labor/political/& similar
   organizations 8139 48,375 36,466,633 117,071 9,301,200 29,860 2,220,685 311,491
    Business associations 81391 16,928 14,858,701 128,000 4,179,872 36,007 1,015,542 116,084
      Business associations 813910 16,928 14,858,701 128,000 4,179,872 36,007 1,015,542 116,084
    Professional organizations 81392 7,239 8,292,364 132,942 2,264,642 36,306 540,182 62,376
      Professional organizations 813920 7,239 8,292,364 132,942 2,264,642 36,306 540,182 62,376
    Other similar organizations (exc bus, prof, labor, &
     political) 81399 24,208 13,315,568 100,094 2,856,686 21,474 664,961 133,031
      Other similar organizations (exc bus, prof,
       labor & political) 813990 24,208 13,315,568 100,094 2,856,686 21,474 664,961 133,031

1 North American Industry Classification System code. For definitions of each industry, see "North American Industry Classification System--United States, 1997" available from the National Technical Information Service and the Superintendent of Documents, U.S. Government Printing Office. For a short description available on the Internet, see also

Source: U.S. Census Bureau, 1997 Economic Census, Other Services, Series EC97581A-US,

* Establishment

An establishment is a single physical location at which business is conducted and/or services are provided. It is not necessarily identical with a company or enterprise, which may consist of one establishment or more. Economic census figures represent a summary of reports for individual establishments rather than companies. For cases where a census report was received, separate information was obtained for each location where business was conducted. When administrative records of other Federal agencies were used instead of a census report, no information was available on the number of locations operated. Each economic census establishment was tabulated according to the physical location at which the business was conducted. The count of establishments represents those in business at any time during 1997.

When two activities or more were carried on at a single location under a single ownership, all activities generally were grouped together as a single establishment. The entire establishment was classified on the basis of its major activity and all data for it were included in that classification. However, when distinct and separate economic activities (for which different industry classification codes were appropriate) were conducted at a single location under a single ownership, separate establishment reports for each of the different activities were obtained in the census.

Sales, Shipments, Receipts, Revenue, or Business Done

Includes the total sales, shipments, receipts, revenue, or business done by establishments within the scope of the economic census. Professional, Scientific, and Technical Services; Administrative and Support and Waste Management and Remediation Services; Educational Services; Health Care and Social Assistance; Arts, Entertainment, and Recreation; and Other Services (Except Public Administration) sectors - TAXABLE ESTABLISHMENTS: Includes receipts from customers or clients for services rendered, from the use of facilities, and from merchandise sold during 1997 whether or not payment was received in 1997. For advertising agencies, travel industries, and other service establishments operating on a commission basis, receipts include commissions, fees, and other operating income, NOT gross billings and sales. Excise taxes on gasoline, liquor, tobacco, etc., which are paid by the manufacturer or wholesaler and passed on in the cost of goods purchased by the service establishment are also included. The establishments share of receipts from departments, concessions, and vending and amusement machines operated by others are included as part of receipts. Receipts also include the total value of service contracts, market value of compensation received in lieu of cash, amounts received for work subcontracted to others, and dues and assessments from members and affiliates. Receipts from services provided to foreign customers from U.S. locations, including services preformed for foreign parent firms, subsidiaries, and branches are included.

Receipts are net after deductions for refunds and allowances for merchandise returned by customers. Receipts DO NOT include sales, occupancy, admissions, or other taxes collected from customers and remitted directly by the firm to a local, state, or Federal tax agency, nor do they include income from such sources as contributions, gifts, and grants; dividends, interest, and investments; or sale or rental of real estate. Also excluded are receipts (gross) of departments and concessions which are operated by others; sales of used equipment rented or leased to customers; domestic intracompany transfers; receipts of foreign subsidiaries; and other nonoperating income, such as royalties, franchise fees, etc. Receipts DO NOT include service receipts of manufacturers, wholesalers, retail establishments, or other businesses whose primary activity is other than service. They do, however, include receipts other than from services rendered (e.g., sale of merchandise to individuals or other businesses) by establishments primarily engaged in performing services and classified in the service industries.

TAX EXEMPT ESTABLISHMENTS: Includes revenue from customers or clients for services rendered and merchandise sold during 1997, whether or not payment was received in 1997, and gross sales of merchandise, minus returns and allowances. Also included are income from interest, dividends, gross rents (including display space rentals and share of receipts from departments operated by other companies), gross contributions, gifts, grants (whether or not restricted for use in operations), royalties, dues and assessments from members and affiliates, commissions earned from the sale of merchandise owned by others (including commissions from vending machine operators), and gross receipts from fundraising activities. Receipts from taxable business activities of firms exempt from Federal income tax (unrelated business income) are also included in revenue.

Revenue DOES NOT include sales, admissions, or other taxes collected by the organization from customers or clients and paid directly to a local, state, or Federal tax agency; income from the sale of real estate, investments, or other assets (except inventory held for resale); gross receipts of departments, concessions, etc., that are operated by others; and amounts transferred to operating funds from capital or reserve funds.

Annual Payroll

Payroll includes all forms of compensation, such as salaries, wages, commissions, dismissal pay, bonuses, vacation allowances, sick-leave pay, and employee contributions, to qualified pension plans paid during the year to all employees. For corporations, payroll includes amounts paid to officers and executives; for unincorporated businesses, it does not include profit or other compensation of proprietors or partners. Payroll is reported before deductions for social security, income tax, insurance, union dues, etc. This definition of payroll is the same as that used by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) on Form 941. Paid Employees

Paid employees consists of full-time and part-time employees, including salaried officers and executives of corporations. Included are employees on paid sick leave, paid holidays, and paid vacations; not included are proprietors and partners of unincorporated businesses. The definition of paid employees is the same as that used on IRS Form 941.


These tables are based on figures supplied by the United States Census Bureau, U.S. Department of Commerce and are subject to revision by the Census Bureau.

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