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    Yemen Chiefs of State - 2005
      President Ali Abdallah SALIH
      Vice President Abd al-Rab Mansur al-HADI, Maj. Gen.
      Prime Minister Abd al-Qadir BA JAMAL
      Dep. Prime Min. Alawi Salah al-SALAMI
      Dep. Prime Min. Ahmad Muhammad Abdallah al-SUFAN
      Min. of Agriculture & Irrigation Hasan Umar Muhammad al-SUWAYDI
      Min. of Cabinet Affairs Salim al-AYDARUS
      Min. of Civil Service & Social Security Hamud Khalid Naji al-SUFI
      Min. of Communications & Information Technology Abd al-Malik al-MUALIMI
      Min. of Construction, Housing, & Urban Planning Abdallah Husayn al-DAFA
      Min. of Culture & Tourism Khalid Abdallah Salih al-RUWAYSHAN
      Min. of Defense Abdallah Ali ALAYWA, Maj. Gen.
      Min. of Education Abd al-Salman Muhammad Hizam al-JAWFI
      Min. of Electricity Abd al-Rahman Muhammad al-TARMUM
      Min. of Expatriate Affairs Abduh Ali al-QUBATI
      Min. of Finance Alawi Salah al-SALAMI
      Min. of Fisheries Ali Muhammad al-MUJUR
      Min. of Foreign Affairs Abu Bakr al-QIRBI
      Min. of Higher Education & Scientific Research Abd al-Wahab al-RAWIH
      Min. of Human Rights Amat al-Alim al-SUSWAH
      Min. of Industry & Trade Khalid Rajih SHAYKH
      Min. of Information Husayn Dayfallah al-AWADI
      Min. of Interior Rashid Muhammad al-ALAMI
      Min. of Justice Adnan Umar Muhammad al-JAFRI
      Min. of Legal Affairs Rashid Ahmad Yahya al-RASAS
      Min. of Local Administration Sadiq Amin Husayn ABU RAS
      Min. of Oil & Minerals Rashid BA RABA
      Min. of Planning & International Cooperation Ahmad Muhammad Abdallah al-SUFAN
      Min. of Public Health & Population Muhammad Yahya Awda al-NUAYMI
      Min. of Public Works & Roads Abdallah Husayn al-DAFA
      Min. of Religious Endowment & Islamic Affairs Hamud Muhammad al-UBAYDI
      Min. of Social & Labor Affairs Abd al-Karim al-ARHABI
      Min. of Supply & Trade Abd al-Aziz al-KUMAYM
      Min. of Technical Education & Vocational Training Ali Mansur Muhammad bin SAFA
      Min. of Transport Umar Muhsin Abd al-Rahman al-AMUDI
      Min. of Water & Environment Muhammad Luft al-IRYANI
      Min. of Youth & Sports Abd al-Rahman al-AQWA
      Min. of State & Sec. Gen. of the Presidency Abdallah al-BASHIRI, Maj. Gen.
      Min. of State & Cabinet Member Qasim Ahmad al-AJAM
      Min. of State & Cabinet Member Muhammad Ali al-YASIR
      Min. of State & Mayor of Sanaa Ahmad Muhammad Yahya Hasan al-KAHLANI
      Min. of State for Parliamentary & Shura Council Affairs Muhammad Yahya Hamud al-SHARAFI
      Governor, Central Bank Ahmad Abd al-Rahman al-SAMAWI
      Ambassador to the US Abd al-Wahab Abdallah al-HAJRI
      Permanent Representative to the UN, New York Abdallah al-SAYDI

      NOTE: The information regarding Yemen on this page is re-published from the 2005 World Fact Book of the United States Central Intelligence Agency. No claims are made regarding the accuracy of Yemen Chiefs of State 2005 information contained here. All suggestions for corrections of any errors about Yemen Chiefs of State 2005 should be addressed to the CIA.

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