Greece People - 1986


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Population: 9,954,000 (July 1986), average

annual growth rate 0.3%

Nationality: noun—Greek(s); adjective— Greek

Ethnic divisions: 97.7% Greek, 1.3% Turkish; 1.0% Vlach, Slav, Albanian, Pomach

NOTE: The Greek Government states that there are no ethnic minorities in Greece.

Religion: 98% Greek Orthodox, 1.3% Muslim, 0.7% other

Language: Greek (official); English and French widely understood

Infant mortality rate: 13.8/1,000(1984)

Life expectancy: moi 72, women 75

Literacy 95%

Labor force: 3.7 million (1981 census); approximately 39% services, 31% agriculture, 30% industry; urban unemployment is estimated at 10%; substantial unreported unemployment exists in agriculture

Organized labor: 10-15% of total labor force, 20-25% of urban labor force

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