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25-8 Gross Domestic Product (Expenditure-based Estimates)?

(100 million MOP)
GDP Components 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004?
At Current Prices
Private Consumption Expenditure 197.1r 198.0r 202.2r 206.7r 227.3
Government Final Consumption Expenditure 60.5r 61.1r 63.2r 68.3r 71.0
Gross Fixed Capital Formation 56.2r 51.2r 58.0r 89.8r 133.9
Changes in Inventories 0.7 0.2r 2.4 3.2r 3.7
Exports of Goods 203.8 184.7 189.3 207.0 225.6
Less: Imports of Goods 243.9r 245.5r 259.9r 291.6r 369.8
Exports of Services 288.0r 325.7r 382.4r 449.9r 649.9
Less: Imports of Services 72.6r 78.3r 89.5r 97.6r 114.8
GDP 489.7r 497.0r 548.2r 635.6r 826.9
GDP per Capita (MOP) 113739r 114501r 125058r 142820r 180965
At Constant (2002) Prices
Private Consumption Expenditure 190.0r 193.5r 202.2r 209.5r 227.5
Government Final Consumption Expenditure 61.6r 61.7r 63.2r 67.5r 69.4
Gross Fixed Capital Formation 55.1r 53.0r 58.0r 84.5r 115.6
Changes in Inventories 0.7 0.2r 2.4r 3.2r 3.7
Exports of Goods 190.3r 179.4r 189.3r 207.0r 224.2
Less: Imports of Goods 229.7r 237.6r 259.9r 294.5r 364.1
Exports of Services 287.2r 325.1r 382.4r 447.8r 640.2
Less: Imports of Services 71.2r 77.4r 89.5r 99.3r 115.6
GDP 483.9r 497.8r 548.2r 625.8r 800.9
GDP per Capita (MOP) 112378r 114648r 125058r 140612r 175282

Notes:?Major revision to GDP series was conducted in 2005 and the base year was renewed from 1996 to 2002.
?The estimates are subject to revisions as more data become available.

These tables are based on figures supplied by the National Bureau Of Statistics of the The Peoples Republic Of China and are subject to revision by the National Bureau of Statistics of China.

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Revised 26-April-2006