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24-15 Hong Kong's Balance of Payments Account

(HKD 100 million)
Standard Components? 2000 2001 2002 2003@ 2004@
Current Account? 544.95 763.15 968.00 1282.40 1274.01
Goods -638.32 -649.70 -394.06 -449.70 -725.14
Services? 1102.70 1152.04 1356.86 1533.69 1850.39
Income? 210.69 399.59 153.07 341.42 303.06
Current Transfers -130.13 -138.78 -147.87 -143.01 -154.29
Capital and Financial Account? -578.63 -973.59 -1511.79 -1790.86 -1363.38
Capital Transfers -120.44 -91.55 -156.86 -82.92 -21.45
Direct Investment 199.76 969.48 -606.85 633.72 -444.06
Portfolio Investment 1907.82 -3220.45 -3024.84 -2646.19 -2513.46
Financial Derivatives 16.61 396.40 515.63 782.88 488.27
Other Investment -1799.17 1337.83 1575.73 -402.47 1382.18
Reserve Assets (Net Change)? -783.21 -365.30 185.41 -75.89 -254.86
Net Errors and Omissions? 33.68 210.44 543.79 508.46 89.37
Overall Balance of Payments 783.21 365.30 -185.41 75.89 254.86
  (in surplus) (in surplus) (in deficit) (in surplus) (in surplus)

Notes: ?In accordance with the Balance of Payments accounting rules, a net credit for a standard component is represented by a positive value, and a
net debit a negative value.
?A positive value for the balance figure in the current account represents a surplus whereas a negative value represents a deficit. For the
capital and financial account, a positive value indicates a net capital and financial inflow and a negative value indicates a net outflow.As
increases in external assets are debit entries and decreases are credit entries, a negative value for net change in reserve assets represents a net
increase and a positive value represents a net decrease.
?Figures have been revised to incorporate the revised data on destination consumption expenditure of incoming visitors and travellers
released by the Hong Kong Tourism Board.
?Figures prior to 2004 have been revised with the adoption of an enhanced methodology based on more relevant data available.
?The estimates on net change in reserve assets under the Balance of Payments framework are transaction figures. Effects from valuation
changes (including price changes and exchange rate changes) and reclassifications are excluded.
?In principle, the net sum of credit entries and debit entries is zero. In practice, discrepancies between the credit and debit entries may
however occur for various reasons as the data are collected from many sources. Equality between the sum of credit entries and debit
entries is brought about by the inclusion of a balancing item which reflects net errors and omissions.
@Figures are subject to revision later on as more data become available.

These tables are based on figures supplied by the National Bureau Of Statistics of the The Peoples Republic Of China and are subject to revision by the National Bureau of Statistics of China.

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Revised 26-April-2006